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Camp Eastman Pool Renovation
Help ensure a vital element of Camp Eastman is functional for Scouts for summers to come.


While CEDA is proud to operate this campaign, many of the key volunteers in this project are not board members. Several groups are working in tandem to make it all happen.


camp eastman pool working group

This group was assembled in 2022 to plan, solicit bids, and coordinate professional and volunteer labor in a major effort to renovate and extend the useful life of the pool for years to come.

Mike Kelly*

Keokuk, IA
Honorary Chairman

BJ Kelly

Oquawka, IL

Steve Baker

Maryville, IL

Scot Sullivan

Burlington, IA

Nathan Smith

Des Moines, IA

*Mike Kelly was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2022 and sadly passed away on July 24th, 2023.
In the six short months prior to his diagnosis, Mike's expertise was crucial to the success of creating a full project plan. We are grateful to have spent that time with Mike, and he will certainly be missed by many.

camp eastman pool fundraising team

Assembled in late 2022, this team is dedicated to securing the funding necessary to realize the full extent of work identified by the Camp Eastman Pool Working Group.

Steve Baker

Maryville, IL

Roger Sheagren

Burlington, IA

Scott Hale

West Branch, IA

David Cowles

Big Rapids, MI

Merrill Crawford

Dubuque, IA

Nathan Smith

Des Moines, IA

Bill Dorrell

Mt. Pleasant, IA


Board of Directors

camp eastman development association

The CEDA Board of Directors offers support and authorizes funding for the pool project.
A list of CEDA's Board of Directors can be found on CEDA's website,


This volunteer core group, supervised by the Mississippi Valley Council Executive Board, is tasked with year-round maintenance and improvement of Camp Eastman. They also plan work weekends and recruit skilled volunteers. This group identified and repaired early pool issues prior to 2020.


The Mississippi Valley Council operates the Scouting program in southeast Iowa, west central Illinois, and northeast Missouri, and owns both Camp Eastman and Saukenauk Scout Reservation.
Learn about the Mississippi Valley Council's Staff and Executive Board on their website,

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