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Camp Eastman Development Association

P.O. Box 183

West Burlington, IA 52655

The Camp Eastman Development Association is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that strives to foster an open fellowship of Camp Eastman supporters who, through their generosity, dedication, and quality workmanship, identify and carry out projects intended to enhance the Camp Eastman experience. All projects performed at Camp Eastman by CEDA are governed by a Board of Directors and are approved by the Mississippi Valley Council Camp Committee.

Improvements are made possible not only by private donations and bequests but also through generously donated or greatly discounted materials and labor by many local businesses. CEDA also actively seeks and has been the beneficiary of several foundations and grants. The Camp Eastman Development Association continues to expand contact with those who are interested in developing and maintaining camp.

A comprehensive list of the many improvements to Camp Eastman that CEDA has facilitated can be seen here on our projects page.



Dean Anderson
New London, IA

Director 1995 - Present

Steve Baker
Maryville, IL

Director 2020 - Present

Jim Brau
Mt Pleasant, IA

Director 2003 - Present

David Carrick
Mt. PLeasant, IA

Director 1997 - Present,  Treasurer 1997 - 2022

Bill Dorrell
Mt. Pleasant, IA

Director 1995 - Present,  Secretary 1998 - 2003

Bill Ell
Burlington, IA

Director 2001 - 2002,

Director 2014 - Present

Javier Garcia
Iowa City, IA

Director 2021 - Present

Scott Hale
West Branch, IA

Director 2006 - Present,  Secretary 2006 - Present

Trent Hancock
North Liberty, IA

Director 2003 - Present,   

President 2013 - Present

Kevin Mineart
Wever, IA

Director 2002 - Present,    Secretary 2003 - 2006

Josh Schier
Burlington, IA

Director 2015 - Present,   

Gary Sheets
Marion, IA

Director 2015 - Present,   Vice-President 2016 - Present

Nathan Smith
Des Moines, IA

Director 2017 - Present

Will Sallen
North Liberty, IA

Director 2022 - Present

Treasurer 2022 - Present


CEDA was originally formed as the “Tribe of the Silver Tomahawk Alumni Association” when Silver Tomahawk Lodge 80 had been dissolved by the merger of Maheengun Lodge 136 and Lodge 80. TOTSTA had a dual purpose; to build and develop Camp Eastman, and to preserve the customs and traditions of the Tribe of the Silver Tomahawk. The first fund-raising banquet was held in 1995. With the return of an Order of the Arrow charter to Silver Tomahawk Lodge in 1997, preservation of the customs and traditions of the Tribe were returned to the administration of the Lodge and the board shifted the majority of TOTSTA's focus to the development of Camp Eastman. In November of 1997 the Board of Directors voted to change the organizations name to The Camp Eastman Development Association to better reflect its purpose, the betterment of Camp Eastman.

Past Board Directors

Ray Shafer*

Randy Foor

Thor Martin*

Joe Lawlor

Greg Humphrey

Lee Thompson

Terry Ross*

Merrill Crawford

Alan Caldwell*

Jim Ellison*

Brad Buckley*

Jim Gray*

Jim Neves

Parker Hanks


1995-2008 Director

1995-2007 Director

1995-1999 Director

1995-1998 Director, 1995-1997 Treasurer

1995-1998 Secretary

1996-2002 Director

1996-2001 Director

2006-2010 Director

1995-2012 Director

1997-2003 Director, 2003-2013 President, 2013-2015 VP

2011-2018 Director

1995-2003 President, 2003 - 2013 VP, 2013-2019 Director

1996-2019 Director

2019-2021 Director

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