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Patch Trading at Camp Eastman

Patch collecting and trading has been a long-standing and spirited tradition at Camp Eastman as well as throughout Scouting. Recently, patches donated to CEDA were combined with donations from the South East Iowa Patch Traders Association and the Mississippi Valley Council to create trading packages for the youth attending the last Scouting Jamboree. Each Scout received a set of 40 to 50 patches to take to the Jamboree to trade with Scouts from across the country.

To help those just starting out in the hobby, and also enthusiasts looking to complete their collections, the Southeast Iowa Patch Traders Association has put together checklists of the various patch collections relevant to Camp Eastman and the Mississippi Valley Council. Click on the links below to view and save the checklists.

Camp Eastman

Silver Tomahawk Honor Society

Black Hawk Lodge


Silver Tomahawk Lodge

South East Iowa Council

Black Hawk Lodge Events

Saukee Area Council

Silver Tomahawk Lodge Flaps

Mississippi Valley Council

M.V.C. Jamboree

Silver Tomahawk Events

Saukenauk Scout Reservation

Maheegun Lodge

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