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Camp Eastman Pool Renovation
Help ensure a vital element of Camp Eastman is functional for Scouts for summers to come.


history of the pool

The pool has been a fixture of the Camp Eastman experience for over half of of the last nearly 100 years.



Located on the Mississippi River near Nauvoo, Illinois, Camp Eastman, originally established in 1926 as Camp Burro (for the donor organization BUR-lington RO-tary), will soon celebrate 100 years as a camping destination for Scouts and other youth groups from Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri.

Because of its unique location, waterfront activities have always been an integral part of the Camp Eastman program experience.


In the first years of Camp Burro and Camp Eastman, Scouts swam in the Mississippi River.

Obvious dangers from the river current, the inability to see kids if they are underwater, and pollution make the river a non-option in today’s world.

In 1957, the Southeast Iowa Council began planning the construction of a pool as a permanent option for swimming at Camp Eastman.

CE River Swim0007.jpg



In 1965 the shower house opened, followed by the first use of the pool in 1966.

Designed by Paddock Pools in Oklahoma City, OK and built by Seither & Cherry of Keokuk at an original cost of $52,000.

The pool has been used for almost 60 years, well beyond its 35-year projected life span.


constantly needing repair

By the year 2000, the pool required frequent significant repairs. As required by law, a new drain system was installed to prevent suction accidents.

Metal pipes under the deck occasionally rusted out and failed, causing the pool to leak water. Sections of the concrete deck were broken out and some lines replaced with plastic.

In 2019, the pool was leaking water almost faster than it could be refilled. Due to COVID-19, summer camp was not held in 2020 and the pool did not operate.

By 2021, the pool was not mechanically functional. Scouts were transported daily to the Keokuk YMCA to swim.

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