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Camp Eastman Pool Renovation
Help ensure a vital element of Camp Eastman is functional for Scouts for summers to come.



The pool restoration is being completed in two phases:
1) Targeted repairs to bring the pool to a working state, and
2) Total replacement of the pool deck and surrounding plumbing.
This allows for the most immediate benefits to be balanced with available funding, all while occurring between summer camping seasons.

temporary repairS
COMPLETED spring 2022


By the summer of 2021, the pool was not mechanically functional. Scouts were transported daily to the Keokuk YMCA to swim.

A group of volunteers performed emergency fixes to bypass the leaking underground fill line of the pool. A leaking shutoff valve for the drain line was excavated and replaced. These repairs made the pool functional for summer camp 2022. A much-needed coat of paint was also applied. 


In Fall 2022, CEDA put forth the initial funding to begin the restoration of the sand filtration system and surrounding plumbing.

Nearly 50,000lbs of sand were removed from the filter boxes which revealed the original plumbing lines, believed to be the source of sand intrusion into the pump and main pool basin.

The concrete filter boxes were sealed. Lateral pipes at the bottom of each box are being repaired. Metal valves and pipes that make up the pool's backwash system are being replaced with modern PVC.




As of January 2023, nearly every valve and pipe has been removed between the sand filters and the supply lines to the pool. With the initial funding provided by CEDA, these will all be replaced with modern PVC.

The pump is likely the original installed in 1966. Options are being evaluated to either repair and eventually replace the pump/motor combo by summer 2023.

An automatic shutoff valve is being installed, which will close in the event of a power failure. This will end the decades-long problem where power surges from storms cause the motor to fail and the pool to drain.


FALL 2023 - SPRING 2024

By far the largest chunk of work for the project will be a total replacement of the plumbing system that surrounds the pool basin, as well as demolition and replacement of the entire concrete pool deck. The main pool shell has been evaluated and found to be in good shape, not warranting replacement.

Underwater pool lights, part of the original pool design, will be replaced to allow for better visibility during night swims, which are very popular during the hot evenings of July.

This phase of the project also is most dependent on funding - and you - who will make the entire project possible. We are working to secure a contractor to do the work, and schedule the work between summer camps in 2023 and 2024. 

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