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Revitalizing the waterfront area by constructing a new boathouse, tower and docks, as well as the purchase of a motor boat and sailboat, kayaks, and other program materials.

The first major undertaking of the Camp Eastman Development Association was the expansion and improvement of the boat docks area. Recognizing the opportunity to promote Camp Eastman’s location on the Mississippi river, the CEDA Board of Directors voted to begin a project that would enable the camp to offer a waterfront program of the highest quality.
The most recent work in this area comes in the form of two new docks and the purchase of a motorboat. the first dock was installed on Peter Pond in the summer of 2020. The second was installed on Larry Creek in the spring of 2021.
The motorboat was purchased in 2020 and will be welcome addition to the waterfront. Funds from the Kevin Baker Memorial were used to make these latest improvements happen.

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