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Staff Housing

Improving the housing for Summer Resident Camp Staff

Improvements to staff housing have been on the Camp Eastman Development Association’s radar for several years. The tent cabins built in the 1990’s had deteriorated to the extent that several of them were beyond further repair. In November of 2016 CEDA submitted a proposal and worked with the camp properties committee to begin replacing the tent cabins with more permanent structures. Staff housing was a key element of the council’s Envision 2020 plan.
CEDA proposed to install three 12 by 16 foot cabins, with a 4 foot front deck, in the current staff area. The cabins feature 3 windows and an offset entry door, and should comfortably house four people. The cabins were contracted to be built offsite on 4 by 6 treated skids and transported to Camp Eastman by the contractor. They are installed on concrete slabs. In keeping with the Council’s branding initiatives, half-log
siding and green metal roofs was used. After the cabins were delivered, volunteer labor finished the interior of the cabins. They were wired for lights and electrical outlets, insulated, and interior walls and ceilings were installed.
Two more cabins of the same size were added in 2018. 2019 saw 4 more slightly smaller cabins constructed and installed, bringing the total of new bed space to 28 persons.
The cabins were funded by several memorials and donations. They have been dedicated by CEDA in honor or memory to the following individuals:

Ronnie Chris Moore
Gregg Golemo
Jonathan Guyton
Ron Keller
The four Eagle Scouts of the Schimmelpfennig family
Ray Shafer
The Balog family
Bill Palmer
Clayton Hanlin

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