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Scoutcraft Shelter Roof

In 2022, CEDA added storage space and a new green metal roof to the Scoutcraft shelter.

In Fall 2022, CEDA funded the improvement of the existing Scoutcraft shelter located near the site of the old ranger's home, which later became Chans Lodge.

No doubt that thousands of Scouts have sat beneath this roof to learn the most traditional of Scout skills - lashing, camping, pioneering, cooking, orienteering, wilderness survival - since CEDA first constructed the shelter in 1999.

More than 20 years later, it was time for an update.

First, the southwest corner of the shelter was enclosed to create a space to store materials year round, out of the elements. This eliminates the shuffling of program supplies back and forth before summer camp begins.

And in October 2022, a crew installed a green metal roof over top the aging shingles. This extends the longevity of the shelter and matches it to other green metal roofs nearby.

We would like to thank the volunteers beyond the CEDA Board of Directors who helped with this project, including Bob Thompson, Jeff Melton, Cody Crowell, Kenny Hootman, Ranger Phil Kaehler, and the Troop 3 Disco Beavers Patrol. These projects would not be possible without volunteering your time, tools, and expertise.

The funding for this project came largely from the proceeds of the 2022 CEDA Reunion Banquet and Auction.

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