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Disc Golf

With guidance from local disc golf experts, CEDA builds a nine hole course at Camp Eastman

Disc golf is a very popular sport that has caught the attention of the nation over the last 15 years. There have been several courses installed locally, and local players compete in league play throughout the summer. It is cheap, easy, and fun sport to learn and play. There has always been an interest in building a disc golf course at Camp Eastman, but funding has not been made available.
CEDA secured approximately $6000.00 to fund the new course. CEDA board members designed the course, with input from local disk golf experts John Shaw and Eddie House, as well as Ranger Phil Koehler. The course is designed for beginner players, specifically kids between 12-18. Hole #1 starts at the Trading Post and ends near the Nature Center. From there, the course winds around the main grounds of camp, ending at the dining hall.
Phase #1 of the work began in August 2012 with the installation of the disk baskets. Phase #2 consisted of pouring nine concrete tee pads and the installation of signage around the course. CEDA has purchased custom multi-colored disc golf disks for play on the course. The discs will be available to borrow from the trading post.

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