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Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, or C.O.P.E., is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by a trained staff directed at enhancing the personal growth of the participants.

2006: Cold weather did not stop CEDA’s work at COPE and the Outpost area. Clearing brush, removing trees and the construction of a new storage shelter were just a few of the ongoing projects in this popular camp destination. Trees and brush are being removed to facilitate the running of power to the new COPE shelter. Once warmer weather returned, CEDA installed a new fence and gate at the east end of the Outpost clearing. In October digging began and forms were set in preparation for pouring the concrete slab for the new COPE shelter.
2007: CEDA worked diligently to ready the COPE course and the Outpost area for the summer camping season. Adjustments and maintenance work on the high and low course events were completed. The CEDA Board of Directors voted to again provide patches and bandanas to scouts who complete the COPE program during summer camp. The new grill was installed next to the concrete pad poured last fall, and the shelter area was wood chipped and ready for construction of the building to begin. A winters worth of brush and tree clearing greatly improved the landscape, and a new gate and fencing was installed on the east end of the area near the road which completed the pre-camp work.
2009: The new C.O.P.E. structure was built during the late summer and fall of 2009. Equipment used in the C.O.P.E. program and for the maintenance of the area had outgrown the available space in the existing building. The new construction adds a significant amount of storage space for the program. Future plans include adding a covered shelter to the side of the new building.

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