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A New Roof at Owls

Replacing the Roof on the Owls Campsite Shelter

Early spring of 2021 saw the completion of another project funded and carried out by CEDA. Last year Jeff Ravenscraft approached the board about funding the replacement of the roof on the Owls campsite shelter.
The shelter, which was built in 1993 by Scouts and volunteers from Mt. Pleasant Troop 28 is still structurally sound, however the shingles from the original construction were long overdue to be replaced.
CEDA approved the funding, and this spring Board Director Parker Hanks organized and headed up a group of Tribesmen and CEDA Directors who installed a new metal roof on the shelter during a Silver Tomahawk workday in March. A big thanks to Aric Creelman and Ranger Mike Turner for providing their expertise in the installation of metal roofs, as well as Jeff Melton, Ranger Phil Kaehler and all the others who helped complete this project.

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